"Our experience with Cedar Hills Landscape and Design Ltd.was a very positive one. Jolene and Tim hold customer service in the highest regard and the quality of workmanship was Excellent. I would recommend Cedar Hills Landscape and Design Ltd. to anyone for all their landscaping needs."

Stephany Publicover



"We live in a mid-century house overlooking Kennebecassis Bay and needed to replace an old stone wall that over the course of years had buckled and was on the verge of collapse. We had Tim and Jolene over for an estimate. We went over the available options and finally decided on a wood supporting wall to go with our wood entry way. We also wanted to save the steps that were part of the original wall and salvage some of the stones from the retaining wall to use for a patio.

Our experience with Cedar Hills Landscape and Design Ltd.has been excellent and their workmanship first quality. Tim and Jolene were always interested in how we wanted the wall to look and suggested landscaping options that would be in keeping with the house. Our conversation with them was always informative and they were helpful with our patio idea. We were extremely happy with the results. The wall looks fabulous and sturdy and the steps are at a comfortable incline and we use them all the time."

Joseph Galbo
Associate Professor
University of New Brunswick, Saint John


"Cedar Hills Lanscape and Design Ltd.....Spring! WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN COMMON. My garden. It was a pleasure that I had signed up with Cedar Hills last summer.Tim and Jolene re worked my brick patio and my brick front walk and during the summer kept the grass mowed.the annuals were planted and deadheaded during the summer and when necessary the lawn and gardens were watered. I am looking forward to seeing them again this spring and summer."

M J Hayward